What Our Clients Are Saying

I like knowing that if a friend (and/or myself) gets a little to liquored up at the bars, we can always count on Tipsy Taxi to catch a ride home — safely, quickly, and on the cheap.  Added bonus that you don’t have to figure out how to fetch your car in the morning. Tipsy Taxi Austin is a no-brainer, and everyone in Austin should have their number stored in their phones.

Happy Mercado – Tea Slinger at Sweet Leaf Tea

I know it’s just common sense to not drive after I’ve had more than a couple of drinks, but I admit that I have driven when I might have blown greater than a .08 because of the fear of leaving my car somewhere it might get towed, ticketed, broken into, or that it will be a huge pain to get back to in the morning.  Those days are so over!  Tipsy taxi has completely removed my need to worry about that anymore, and saves me money at the same time.  It’s actually 10 cents a mile cheaper than a regular taxi!  You wake up with your car, so no need to take another taxi or bum a ride back to (or God forbid, try to remember) where you left your wheels.  They are super professional, reliable, friendly and just downright cool.   I’ve recommended them to everyone I know, and will absolutely continue to do so.  Thanks so much and keep up the great work, y’all!

Tracie D., Satisfied Customer

modern-car smallAt least once a week I have to attend business dinners with clients. After these “Wine and Dine” business meetings, I know Tipsy Taxi Austin will get me & my vehicle home safe with zero chance of DUI. The drivers are friendly, professional, and confidential. This is an excellent service that I recommend.

A. Edwards, Business Owner


My wife and I enjoy a great night out in Austin regularly. On several occasions, we had a little too much fun. So, we just picked up the phone and called Tipsy Taxi Austin. Their drivers came, picked us & our car up, then got us home safe & sound. It’s always the responsible thing to do.

J. Stevens, Satisfied Customer

gold cocktails-at-bar small

 I like Tipsy Taxi Austin.  Their good, friendly people.  I feel comfortable calling them to assist my patrons.  This way I know they’ll get home safe. 

Austin Bar Owner




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