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Where do you pick up/drive to?

Our drivers will pick you up anywhere in the greater Austin area, and drive you anywhere you need to go.


green martini croppedWhy should I use Tipsy Taxi Austin instead of using a cab?

Tipsy Taxi Austin is a safe DUI prevention alternative. If you bring a car to a function, please know over 65 percent of drunk driving (DUI) arrests or crashes occurred while the driver was on their way home.  For the same cost as a cab, we’ll get you and your car home safely.


business man at carWho uses Tipsy Taxi Austin?

Anyone out for the evening that doesn’t want to risk a DUI or worse.  It’s a cost-effective way to avoid problems.  Business professionals who value their careers and family, as well as many high-profile clientele use Tipsy Taxi Austin regularly.


champagne people croppedIs Tipsy Taxi Austin available for parties, weddings, special events, etc?

Yes!  Tipsy Taxi Austin is available for all occasions.  If you would like to book us for a wedding, party, or event, please email us or call 512-848-4553 to discuss details for your event.


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